About Rte 5 Reclamation

Joanne & Jonathan Burnett

Rte 5 Reclamation is a collaborative venture between Jonathan and his wife Joanne.  They enjoy living in the midst of the Willamette Valley with wonderful views of Mt Hood and the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, spectacular sunsets over the Pacific Coast range and the amazing beauty of the ever changing farm land which surrounds us.

They were both raised in families that valued reclaiming and re-purposing. The concept of “waste not, want not” was a deeply instilled value, which has served them well. In 2005 the Burnett’s returned to the site of Joanne’s childhood home (Rural Route 5, Box 795) where they continue to live out their deeply instilled values. At this time their shop is focusing on vintage and handcrafted items from reclaimed wood.

Both Jonathan & Joanne enjoy watching the beauty of reclaimed wood come to life in a new way; whether it is wood from a fallen oak tree, old barn boards, or wood salvaged from a local processing plant.

We hope that you will enjoy and appreciate the heritage, beauty and fine craftsmanship of the items found in our shop.